Providing appropriate care

To Help disadvantaged and minority communities


New Outlook Center provides its services in various forms:

  • Activities such as workshops and classes to inform and instruct underprivileged ethnic families, minority Communities focused on single parents and enable them to acclimate, integrate, and ultimately participate in the American social process. Our services will aid individuals to achieve self-sufficiency more quickly.
  • Referrals to outside resources: Identify all sources that are beneficial to the underprivileged ethnic families and single parents to be paired with help that would benefit them in accordance with their language and ethnic origins. New Outlook Center is dedicated to organize workshops and information sessions that guide the identified families in need through the maze of all resources and provide targeted assistance. The subject and topics of the workshops range from creating a resume and C.V. to apply for work, dress code and providing the suitable attire for their potential interview to consultation on Business start ups for single parents, especially women with children. The resources also extend to home assistance for challenged individuals in need of housing.
  • There are many families and single parents who can use our services in order to move forward in society and to easily integrate back into the community. New Outlook Center is operating out of the City of Irvine in Orange County.