Providing appropriate care

To Help disadvantaged and minority communities

Abused Women

New Outlook Center is an advocate for the rights of all women especially women in minority groups.

  • Studies indicate: "Abusers often use their partners' immigration status as a tool/leverage to control their victim." In such situation, it is common for a batterer to exert control over his partner's immigration status in order to force her to remain in the abusive relationship.
  • Immigrant women are more subject to being battered than a U.S. citizen woman because they may come from cultures that may accept domestic violence or because they have less access to legal and social services than a U.S. citizen. Additionally, immigrant batterers and victims may believe that the penalties and protections of the U.S. legal system do not apply to them.
  • Battered immigrant women who attempt to flee may not have access to bilingual shelters, financial assistance, or food. It is also unlikely that they will have the assistance of a certified interpreter in court, when reporting complaints to the police or a 911 operator, or even in acquiring information about their rights and the legal system.